In Headlander, you are a disembodied head from the past. You have to find and steal a body to use. You do this by sucking off heads of the inhabitants of the world, which are robots, and attaching yourself to their body. As you progress through the levels, the inhabitants are increasingly against being decapitated. Your head can float around by itself and attach to machines.

It’s goofy and there’s a lot of fun ways you can attach the head, and quirky. It has a strong exploration theme.  You get to battle automatons and kill them by sucking off their craniums and using their bodies, discarding them when it’s about to die. This becomes a little more difficult, though, as they get more aggressive as you go on in the game. The fun lasts for about an hour or two, but for the6-7hours duration of the game, it dies down. The excitement doesn’t build up and instead it just turns monotonous

It’s a beautiful retro game graphics-wise, but there really isn’t much there. It feels like a licensed game for a cartoon that doesn’t exist. It has sci-fi aspirations but doesn’t quite make it. It was far too easy. The combat sequences are simple and you don’t get much action from the environment puzzles. The game looks great, though. Perhaps if they come out with better puzzles and combat scenes, I’d be into this.

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