Basically, in this game you control Stephen and his fork, and push around the sausages until they’re fully cooked. You have to be careful not to cook them on the same side twice, as it will burn. Simple, right? It would seem so.

Don’t be fooled by its seemingly simple plot, though, as this is hands-down one of the most challenging puzzle games I’ve played! It requires patience and lateral thinking, and is delightfully complex. The game allows you to revert a move which ultimately allows you to see a pattern that you can use to move on to the next level. With this, the game sets you up for success. You learn something about the world at every level and you won’t notice the hours passing by!

It’s an excellent example of good game design. In the beginning, there is a short tutorial which won’t choke you with instructions. After that, they leave you to explore the world and let you experiment to see which works in the game. The easy revert feature complements this. You get bonuses and points and power ups, and you won’t even know about it. In the next level, you get pleasantly surprised that you have them.

Overall, It’s a great puzzle game that’s challenging without being frustrating. It is one of the most well-though-of game designs I’ve seen. Everything in the game’s elements just comes together well and seamlessly. It may not look as great as other games and can be a little pricey, but this one is worth checking out!

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