It often takes more than the game itself to have the ultimate gaming experience. As any activity out there, the tools you use are detrimental to your success in what you do. The same is true for gaming. You have to have the right peripherals that fit the type of games you play, your personal preference, and extras that will help you achieve optimal game performance. With that in mind, I am doing a series on how to choose the best gaming equipment for you and the top 3 contenders of each category in the market today. Choose the right gear for you!

Audio effect helps a lot in the gamer’s immersion into the world of the game he plays. It gives you a sense of belongingness and just overall helps you tune in into the character and the experience. For this to be effective, however, you must have a headset worthy of the game. Here are a few things to look out for when searching for the perfect headset:


A good headset should have good sound quality. Duh, right? But it takes more than your average headset quality to be considered good when it comes to headset built for gamers. You have to consider the frequency response, distortion, and left/right balance. Sound quality is pretty subjective though, and it’s really a matter of what sounds right to your ear. Try to see if you can test out the item before purchasing.


Most gamers play for hours on end, so comfort is an important factor to consider in choosing a headset. Inspect the quality of the ear pads and the grip of the band, and make sure it doesn’t cinch your ears too tightly. This will get pretty uncomfortable in just a few minutes. Try to see the material of the pads as well,as some can be a bit scratchy or stiff. Your ears will thank you for it!


Mics are not necessarily an essential, but it can be pretty useful when you’re playing in teams and tournaments. Here you can’t have your teammates not hear you clearly. Testing out your headset’s mic before buying it is also a must – most shops will insist you do this, so don’t feel bad for asking. There are also certain headset that offer detachable mics for when you won’t use it.

Here are the top 3 picks available in the market today:

  1. HyperX Cloud Revolver ($108.68 on Amazon)
  2. SteelSeries Siberia 350 ($114.99 on Amazon)
  3. Astro A40 ($248.50 on Amazon)

All the factors mentioned above are pretty basic, and it’s up to you if you prefer a little extras in your headset. Again, it all comes down to your personal preference. Visit a few shops and compare the items and prices. Make sure you consider your game lifestyle – what types of games you play, for how long, and how often. This will ultimately be your guide in determining what sort headset you need.

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